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I brought new hedge home yesterday, his owner said they didn´t have enough time for him, he kept hissing and jumping everytime someone even moved, so I let him settle in his cage. He was active at night, he ate and even played in wheel, but today, I tried to bond, I put him in my lap and let him stay there. He tried to escape very hard, he sneaked under my tshirt and bit me quite lot - twice, but I still tried just to let him settle, sit on my legs... He still shivers and rolls every time I even move my hand, so I just sat and didn´t move...ho jumped of me, run under beh and hide there. I put him out and since then he´s just rolled - I ´m afraid if I scared him or what, he just keeps being in ball even in his shelter in cage, he seems really inactive, he just breathe and rolls. I´m horribly affraid he will hate me and won´t ever unroll again. I put him my tshirt in cage, food, water, but he just lies there rollend into ball, he didn´t even hide into shelter, he just stuffed his head under litter. I read so many forums and even a book, but I don´t know how to aproach him without scaring him even more and I´m really frightened he will die from fear or what.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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