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LittleMiss said:
I'm going to just keep time limited with them, and wash my hands and change shirts if I need to pick them up. I was just officially told I have H1N1 and it's too late to get me on meds so I have to wait like a week or so till I can be around people (I kinda feel like an outcast) :D Good thing my hedgies will always love me.

Also I've started to notice that Ivy has a little bit of dry skin, which might be because I used baby shampoo to wash her (I didn't realize until today that baby shampoo drys out their skin) I bought some aveeno oatmeal bath to wash them in insted. But I also read that flax seed oil on their food can help. Will they actually eat it? or ignore their food? Myles isn't really picky, but Ivy turns her nose up at most things.
Hope you get well soon ;)
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