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padawanslacker said:
The only illness I know for certain can be passed between humans and hedgehogs is fungal infections. Ringworm is the classic one, but I did once share an infection of athlete's foot fungus with a young hedgehog named Velcro.
Just wanted to note: pink eye and bordatella (a kind of bacteria that causes coughing for us and kennel cough in them) can be spread between people and pets, as well as herpes (so if you have a cold sore, be SURE to wash your hands).

Anytime you're sick wash your hands and arms well with soap and warm water before handling. I also change my shirt to be sure I didn't get any germs on an area my hedgie may be touching. Also don't cough or sneeze in their direction. You don't have to totally not go around them, just minimize interaction and take precautions before touching them or anything in their cages. And if they start showing any symptoms, get to the vet immediately.

Hope you feel better soon!
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