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New food doesn't interest her..... now what??

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I have had my hedgie for about 2 weeks now (she is a month and a half).... so I am very new to this. She doesn't seem to be having an issue with what she is eating now.... but whenever we try and experiment with her with new food.... she barely looks at it.
Just for starters, we tried some banana, apple and some plain scrambled egg....... but nothing.

And the issue with her is, that she sleeps the entire day and night - she only wakes up usually after 1am.... and we are seldom up at that time to try and feed her, and because we can't leave the other food there all day (and night) because it will go bad by the time she wakes up..... how can we introduce new foods and treats?

Thanks !! :)
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smhufflepuff said:
I'm assuming she's doing okay on her kibble... her main source of food is stable and it's just the extras in which she appears uninterested? If so, that's okay.

Hedgies often need to be presented something several times before they decide that it's something they might like to eat. So don't give up after just two weeks. Pick one item and try that every few days for awhile to try and get her interested. By trying just one food at a time, she'll have more exposure to it and you'll also know if it causes a tummy upset.
yeah i agree
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