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new flying saucer wheel!

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Okay, this is sooo funny. I got my little Sugar a flying saucer wheel. I put together my own c & C cage tonight and she is loving it. Here's the thing, I don't think she really understands how to use the wheel entirely. I mean she does not get a constant run, she runs then gets ahead of herself and stops or tumbles, gently, off. She is really cute trying, though. Has anyone switched over to this type of wheel from a regular one and had the same experience. Is that hedgies run on them or does she just not have the hang of it yet?
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Inky has a Cake Walk Supreme (reaper's wheel) and a Flying Saucer in his cage right now. He got the hang of the FS right away. There wasn't any falling off/tumbling involved, that I'm aware of.

She's probably just figuring it out, and will be a pro within the next few nights. :lol:
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