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new babys coming soon!(need some help)

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im so excited! im going to pick up my new babys this saturday! they are two beautiful little baby rats! both girls :mrgreen: with adorable dumbo ears! hehe
so heres where i need some help from you guys, i cant think of any names! so if you have any ideas let me know :mrgreen:
and i wanted to share the cuteness! hehe i cant wait to get them so i can share more pics!
click to enlarge...

Thanks :)
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cute, i like there color, though im not sure what is it?
i breed rats, i currently have 36 babies lol
i posted thread about all the babies and pics too!
oh and for names...
i named my 4 boys im keeping all after coffee :p
and there names are Java, Cappuccino, Mocha, and Latte'
you could do somthing like that for your girls,
Strawberry and Kiwi
Martini and Daiquiri

or whatever lol
Vortex said:
thanks everyone =D
i do like the pair type names, stawberry and kiwi is a really cute idea!!! hehe
and thanks for the link. ill have a look at it :mrgreen:
i cant wait for saturday! :lol: iv been waiting to get my rats for a few months now... hahaha
i cant believe its so close!!!
You got some cute ones! i like the dumbo ears, but my fave is rex's.
have you seen my thread of my babies yet?
if not check it out, you might like it.
anyways, were are you getting your girls from? just curious
and yeah, i like Strawberry and kiwi or there is...
Smoothie and Slushie
Banana and Coconut
Sweetie and Pie
Blueberry and Muffin
Cupcake and Muffin
Rain and Cloud..kinda goes with there colors since there a blue gray color
Chocolate and Milk
Twinkie and Hoho
Cappuccino and Frappachino
Java and Chip
Coffee and Bean
Mocha and Latte'
Coffee and Cream

i am to tired to think of anymore lol

if you need more help, just ask me :D
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