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new babys coming soon!(need some help)

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im so excited! im going to pick up my new babys this saturday! they are two beautiful little baby rats! both girls :mrgreen: with adorable dumbo ears! hehe
so heres where i need some help from you guys, i cant think of any names! so if you have any ideas let me know :mrgreen:
and i wanted to share the cuteness! hehe i cant wait to get them so i can share more pics!
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Thanks :)
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yes! deffinitly post pictures of your boys! i love ratties :D hehe and i love the names gollum and jingles! too cute.
and its funny that you said emmy, because a few other people have said that aswell.
so thats deffinitly a maybe ;) its so hard nameing things sometimes :lol:
and yes its two differint rats, they are pretty close in color though. the top one is a Russian Fawn,
and the bottom one is a Russian Dilute.
and arnt the ears just so cute?!? hahaha i love how big they are :mrgreen:
thanks everyone =D
i do like the pair type names, stawberry and kiwi is a really cute idea!!! hehe
and thanks for the link. ill have a look at it :mrgreen:
i cant wait for saturday! :lol: iv been waiting to get my rats for a few months now... hahaha
i cant believe its so close!!!
yesh i loveeee the rexes! so curly and cute :mrgreen: the litter that my girls were in all the boys are rexes and all the girls are standered coat. lol
i will go look at your thread now :) hehe
i am getting them from willow creek rats, a breeder in Northern Illinois.
all those names are so cute! i will have to wait and see what names fit them most i guess.
i cant believe i get them tomorrow!!! :mrgreen: :D :lol: :)
awww omg! they are just so cute! hehehe i love them! :mrgreen:
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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