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new babys coming soon!(need some help)

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im so excited! im going to pick up my new babys this saturday! they are two beautiful little baby rats! both girls :mrgreen: with adorable dumbo ears! hehe
so heres where i need some help from you guys, i cant think of any names! so if you have any ideas let me know :mrgreen:
and i wanted to share the cuteness! hehe i cant wait to get them so i can share more pics!
click to enlarge...

Thanks :)
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I just got a pair of rats too! I've been meaning to post pics. :D Your girls are too cute! They look like little cream puffs. For some reason, the first one (I think they are two different rats) looks like an Emmy. Maybe it's the ears... not even sure where the name came from, I dunno. :roll:

Mine are Gollum and Jingles, two little boys. :lol:
Okay, here is a link to a few pics of my boys. :D

http://www.flickr.com/photos/hedgiegirl ... 046712759/

(I just set up that account, excuse the empty-ness of it)
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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