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new baby

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well i picked up my new baby last night, when we went for him he was wide awake we was there for about an hour,
we saw his mum and dad and baby siblings awwwwwwwww i wanted to take them all home,
when we got home he was asleep so i put him in his cage and left him, he didnt appear at all till we went to bed, ( i heard him on his wheel) during the night and when i got up he had eaten all his food and there was poo on his wheel.
Is there any thing inperticular that i should be washing his wheel in?? i just used plain hot water this morning,,

I carnt stop looking at his cage,, he so gorgouse, hes a choclate male and we have called him Charlie,, :D :D
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Congratulations on getting baby Charlie.

I clean my wheels in hot water and antibacterial dish soap and rinse with vinegar and water.

I also clean wheels with hot water and vinegar. :)
aww congrats!
you deffinitly must post pics of little charlie! :D
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