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Hey guys I just wanted to introduce you all to Chester. He is three months old and so very friendly! If you remember I bought a hedgehog last year and named him Spike, so it's only fitting that our new little guy be called Chester. Remember the Loony Tunes cartoon that had the big burly Bulldog (Spike) and the little excitable Terrier (Chester)? I just couldn't resist! :lol: So I have big burly Spike (to the max) and little excitable Chester (definitly).
Hope you like the pics....oh and any guesses to color? I don't want to start another topic, but I will if I have to over on the color help board.[attachment=2:1dgf0qpz]DSCF5751.JPG[/attachment:1dgf0qpz][attachment=1:1dgf0qpz]DSCF5767.JPG[/attachment:1dgf0qpz][attachment=0:1dgf0qpz]DSCF5771.JPG[/attachment:1dgf0qpz]


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