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Does anyone here ever go on Neopets? lol I know I'm a dork but they do have some good games... :p
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i used to. when i was 8yrs old but its to child like for me.

They just changed game point ratios... so I haven't been playing many games

I just turned 18 and I used to play it when I was 12... but now I lean towards the stock market vs. kiddy games. Although I love faerie bubbles and revel roundup :)
I am guilty of playing Webkinz... they are coming out with a hedgehog in December!! :lol:
OMG,I am very guilty of playing webkinz!! LOL :lol: wow i cant believe there coming out with a hedgehog!! :!: :!:
i've never heard of Webkinz.... time to look it up! lol
once you play you'll never go back!! muahaha :twisted:
oh.. but I need to buy something to get a code right? :(
ah!!!!!! webkinz! i think i'm on my 13th one or something. i used to work at a store that sold webkinz so of course i had to get a ton. i have.... a manatee, turtle, black cat, lion, brown beaar, googles, lil kinz googles, leopard, RACOON, and a bull frog. i also had a couple i bought that i never used the tags on and then gave them away. actually i gave all of them away except the googles and the manatee cause i was leaving for college and didnt have room for them.... :(

however, i did get the bat from my old boss as a present cause he knew i was siked it was coming out! i'm not going to use the code though, so lilhoglet if you wanna PM me i'll give you the code so you can set up a webkinz account if you wanna play but dont wanna buy one :)

back on topic. i used to play neopets. i had a blue kacheek named rocket987 :)
BTW www.webkinz2008.com has all of the new animals coming out and the projected animals to come out. the hedgehog could be cuter...
I've never heard of webkins but I'll have to check it out sometime. Anyways, yeah I mostly go on there for the games (like lenny conundrum, suteks tomb, destruct-o-match 3, stuff like that) and I also go on the trading post once in a while. I've actually seen quite a few Neopets games on www.addictinggames.com (if you know what that website is, that has some good games too)
Dont really like noepets or webkinz but i dont hate these things

As for the hedgehog for webkinz all animals are really detailed.

I like www.armorgames.com and www.hallpass.com

Oh addictinggames is good too :p
I used to go on Neopets years ago. I logged in once not too long ago though, to see if I had anything left to give to my friend, but I didn't. I used to have all those fancy pets. 83 Like a Faerie Poogle and Fire Cybunny, Electric Cybunny, and that good stuff. 83

Ah well.

I go on Gaia, Digis, and Wajas now. o.o
Haha, never heard of any of those (gaia, digis, and wajas). But yeah I dont have any special paintbrushes, but I do want a Maraquan Shoyru (it looks like a sea turtle!) or a Coconut JubJub :D
r_k_chic47 said:
Haha, never heard of any of those (gaia, digis, and wajas). But yeah I dont have any special paintbrushes, but I do want a Maraquan Shoyru (it looks like a sea turtle!) or a Coconut JubJub :D
The maraquan pbs are mega expensive! 6 mil or something :( The coconut jubjub is really cute though. I want a cloud jubjub, a snow bruce, and I don't know what else.
I know they are :lol: And I know I'll NEVER have enough money for it, but hey, its nice to think about :p
Yeah :) I think the only to get that kind of money is to get really lucky with stocks!
I've never tried the stock market on neopets - I don't really understand how they work anyways. But I know that restocking can sometimes bring in a lot of neopoints, if you know what you're doing :)
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