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Going to make this quick and to the point

1- New mom had babies 2 days ago - babies chirping, mom feeding, everything fine
2- This morning, babies chirping everything fine
3- This afternoon - mom outside nest box, laying in shavings, very tired/lethargic, babies still chirping...thinking she needs a break and all is well
4- 2 hours later - mom still outside nest box, still acting the same, tired/lethargic/just laying there, babies still chirping, not as strong
5- This evening - mom still outside nest box, no chirping at all. This time I had this gut feeling what happened, so I peaked, and sure enough, there lay 4 dead, flat babies, and 1 baby still alive, but a runt. Took mom out very briefly, checked her over, removed dead babies with a spoon from nest box, placed mom and runt back in nest and left.

While having mom out, she just was not "right". Did not want to do anything but sleep..eyes half closed, not acting normal in the least. We know the runt probably won't make it through the night...but we are more worried about the mom at this point. We have been fortunate never to have this happen before...but knew with a first time mom there was a chance it could.

Thoughts and advice on the mom? Normal for a new mom to act depressed and lethargic after being out of the nest box for 6+ hours and having dead babies? Forgot to add mom is almost 8 months old.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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