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I took cloud to the vet the other day. The diagnosis isn't good.

Cloud's white blood cell count is way above what it should be where as his red blood cell count is very low. he pees and dirnks way too much for normal, so the doctor is suspecting that it is kidney disease. Cloud also has very bad rotted teeth with very little gums. The main reason i took him in was because of the large glof ball sized lump on his right hind hip. It is getting worse and has now extended down to his leg and foot. The doctor suspects it is either a very very bad infection or cancer. He has given me strong anitbiotics and pain meds to administer to cloud for the next two weeks. thet vet is wanting to do a biopsy.

Now here is my problem. I am at my financial limit. In the last 6 months i have spend over $1100 on this little guy with this last vet visit costing me $635. I now have no rent for next months, not that i'm complaining, just that i am at my wits end. I cannot afford to the biospy and i just feel like a horrible person. i strongly believe that you should not buy a pet if you cannot take it to the vet. i feel like i have failed Cloud because it is not his fault, what i need to know is whether or not to put him down now before it gets too bad or keep him on the meds until i feel it is right for him to go. there is no other option.
i realize i'm going to get crisized for my decsion but realize that whatever you choose to say to me i've already said to myself in a much meaner way.

thanks for the advice.
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I am not an experienced owner, but i am posting anyways. Sorry.

I am very sorry for Cloud's condition. It seems like from all your posts that you love him dearly. From what i have read you have done everything you could to try and help him, and exhausted all resources for him. You are one of the few owners who would give up their housing for their pet, and that i believe is admiral.

Whatever your choice is i believe you and cloud have worked as hard as you could and that it will be the best decision for both of you.

Just as a side note: I had a dog named Tucker. Tucker was 16 years old and i knew him my whole life. He always had a bad hip. One day tucker went down to the lake by the break wall and stood there knee high in the water. He never went up to his stomach. He stood there for an hour looking at the lake. When he finally saw me watching him, he just looked up at me. I went down to the shore and picked him up and carried him to the Truck. He sat in the truck and hung his head out the window like he did when he was a puppy. When we got to the vet he looked at me again, licked my hand and we walked in. When i got to the room, and she put tucker to sleep he licked my hand and looked at me until he fell asleep. After she injected the euthenization chemical into him he suddenly awoke, licked my face as i cried and then passed.

Somehow i knew from him standing there that it was his time to go, and no one can tell you when that time is better than yourself.

I wish you good luck on whatever you choose, and i am sure cloud loves you no matter what and that he knows you want to help him as best as you can.
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