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I took cloud to the vet the other day. The diagnosis isn't good.

Cloud's white blood cell count is way above what it should be where as his red blood cell count is very low. he pees and dirnks way too much for normal, so the doctor is suspecting that it is kidney disease. Cloud also has very bad rotted teeth with very little gums. The main reason i took him in was because of the large glof ball sized lump on his right hind hip. It is getting worse and has now extended down to his leg and foot. The doctor suspects it is either a very very bad infection or cancer. He has given me strong anitbiotics and pain meds to administer to cloud for the next two weeks. thet vet is wanting to do a biopsy.

Now here is my problem. I am at my financial limit. In the last 6 months i have spend over $1100 on this little guy with this last vet visit costing me $635. I now have no rent for next months, not that i'm complaining, just that i am at my wits end. I cannot afford to the biospy and i just feel like a horrible person. i strongly believe that you should not buy a pet if you cannot take it to the vet. i feel like i have failed Cloud because it is not his fault, what i need to know is whether or not to put him down now before it gets too bad or keep him on the meds until i feel it is right for him to go. there is no other option.
i realize i'm going to get crisized for my decsion but realize that whatever you choose to say to me i've already said to myself in a much meaner way.

thanks for the advice.
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Thank you all for your kind words and hopes for the best, i will admit that y'all made me a bit teary eyed. you're an amazing group of people.
kalandra the vet did pull out cells from cloud's tumor. here are the results in medical terms. 'equal number of inflammatory cells and spindle cells in this sample. this may be chronic active inflammation with fibrosis or granulation tissues but primarily a spindle tumor.'
he is eating and drinking and still very active. i just dont want him to be in pain and not notice :/
Well, on a good note (hehehe) the vet says that Cloud is the nicest, friendliest hedgehog that he's ever met. He said he is so friendly that he doesn't even know he is a hedgehog! He says Cloud is much like a cat, but cooler. It made me smile and makes me want to keep fighting for the little guy :)
thanks for the input, Kalandra. Those are the pathologist's words, not my docs. i took it straight from the lab results.
When the vet spoke of removing the tumor he said it is in a difficult spot which i interperated to him saying it's not a good idea and it wouldn't work.
I honestly cannot spend anymore to get a biopsy done. I came home today (to gainesville) to find mail from my bank about my account being overdrawn. Goody.
Since we won't figure out if Cloud has cancer or a bad infection (unless the antibiotics start to work), i'm just going to keep him happy as long as i can.
He still waddles nightly, he'd prolly run too if i gave him his wheel back (we were trying to put weight on him so i took his wheel away) His appetite is better than ever (the vet wanted me to syringe him wet food. Pffft, Cloud is eating amazingly on his own) and other than drinking more than he should he doesn't seem to have difficultly with anything.

i am meeting with my vet in Gainesville for a consultation and see what he thinks but i'm pretty sure i've made up my mind to let Cloud ride out what little life he has left in luxury. I'll spoil him the best i can, and we will be taking many trips to the beach this summer!

thank you all for your help. i really do appreciate it :) i'll keep everyone updated as the days go on.
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it felt so very wrong when we stopped looking for ways to cure Riley.
That is how i am feeling right now. If the antibiotics don't do a darned thing i may have a way of getting a biopsy done.

I am part of a small Florida based rat forum. If a member is having trouble financially the other members usually rush to thier aid. I explained what was going on with Cloud and that i was finanically screwed and i got three seperate PMs from people asking me how much the biopsy was and if i took paypal. In the past i've helped a few members on that board (One member lost her grand daughters xmas presents after someone broke in and stole a lot of stuff so i donated all of my unused webkinz to her, about ten. another time i donated money to someone's charity) and it just goes to show that Karma can help you out once in a while.

I'll keep y'all posted :D hopefully the antibiotics work and we wont need the biopsy.
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