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Need Help with Loken's Color

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When I got Loken I was told he was a salt and pepper but I have a feeling he is probably a brown snowflake? I haven't gotten color identification down yet but am trying to learn. I'm posting three pictures I was able to get of Loken where his face was showing. I hope these will work. I apologize they aren't closer but he was very shy of the camera and wouldn't cooperate if it got to close lol Every other one to two quills is a white one which makes me think snowflake.
Loken in his pvc tube

Please ignore the crumbs, I waited til he was finished eatting before I picked them up lol

Drying off after his bath

Its hard to tell from the picture but his nose is a liver brown color, not black. The skin on his back is a chocolate colored brown. He has spots with brownish pigment on his legs but the majority is a pinkish color along with his belly being pink.

Any guesses?
Thank you :)
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Loken does have a lot of white quills, I'd say the ratio would be one white quill to every two to three colored quills. When looking at the colored ones up close I think I observed double banding, its dark by the root then then there is another dark band in the middle. I might have misused the term though.

I hope this helps some :)
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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