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Hi everyone :) Hope yall having a good day

One of my friends rescued a litter of 3 badly starved baby hedgehogs when she was sure their mother sadly wasn't around anymore... :cry:

Since I care for a hedgy myself, she asked me for advice before taking them to vet. I told her to not feed cow milk in any condition as it could be fatal :geek:

Vet told her to use kitten milk replacements, but I have read on several respected websites that puppy milk substitutes such as Esbilac are far better.:confused:
Like here: http://www.hedgehog-rescue.org.uk/babies.php

There are many experienced breeders and owners here, so I thought to ask you guys to make sure which one is better. If puppy milk is good, how about Beaphar's lactol?

(ps: There are no hedgehog rescue center or group where I live, so we have to care for the baby hedgehogs ourselves)
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