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hedgielover said:
Mallasfamily, the only reason I even considered it was because he will not eat baby food and we don't often have meat ourselves so there is limited opportunity to give it to Quigley.
You can buy little meat sticks in the baby food aisle. There are normally chicken and turkey sticks--I believe it's Gerber brand. They come in a little jar and look like Vienna sausages. You can cut those into pieces and give them to your hedgie, and he might take them better than actual baby food.

There are also "gravy" baby foods that really stink--but my hedgie loves them. The ones I've seen are chicken and gravy, turkey and gravy, and ham and gravy. They are more meat-based apparently, because Quentin goes crazy over them--definitely prefers those to other baby foods.

Those might be alternatives to fresh meat if you don't make it often for yourselves. You can pop them into the freezer in serving size portions (try using an ice cube tray for initial freezing then put them in a ziploc bag and label it with the date), then let a portion thaw in the fridge the day you plan to use it. They last a month or so longer than the "2-3" days after opening on the label that way. Be sure to keep an eye on the dates though.
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