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Nails and mean hedgie

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So I have had my hedgehog for a few years, and I recently took in a rescue. Powder is a complete sweetheart, and never have had an issue with bathing, or nails or anything. Now the rescue that I just took in, is extremely mean. I doubt she is mean, but she is very scared because of never being handled really at all. Well she passed her vet exam great and all. But I need to cut her nails, and I can not get her to stay rolled out of a ball long enough to even do one nail. They are getting long, and I can't even 'scruff' her so to speak to keep her from rolling so I can get to them. How do I go about cutting her nails, and kind of breaking the mistrust that she seems to have in humans?
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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