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Hey, new to the forum. :) I have 4 hogs and i got a hedgehog whos a real character. He hates clipping nails so much i dont know what to do with him. I try to cut them weekly when i can manage to clip them. I know most hedgies hate this clipping and all but my Mo is different. Hes a whopping 830 grams and is a complete monster. His feet are huge and is overall BIG. Hes extremely strong, and when i mean strong, i mean strong. He was twice the size as all the other hedgies at birth. Anyways, i cant seem to control him. The only way ive been able to cut his nails is in the bath tub where hes most vulnerable. Once you grab his feet, hes twising around like a crocodile and shoots his foot up in his fat so you cant get it again. I cut his nail too short a couple times and he bites and stabs the tar out of me. Although i dont mind the biting and im pretty much immune to the stabbing i feel that im hurting him trying to get his feet. If anyone could help me out with strategies about his nails it would be great. Im no noob by the way with these animals, having them for 5 years and successfully raising two of them from an abandoning mother. Just looking for any help and it would be greatly appreciated.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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