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Hello everyone,
I have 2 hedgehogs. Oliver will be 3 on January 1st and Stanley is a rescue so I'm not exactly sure how old he is, but he is definitely over 3.
I noticed 2 weeks ago that Oliver had bloody stool and he had white stringy things in his wheel. I thought it may have been worms, but when I took him to the vet she said he was clean of parasites. She put him on antibiotics to help his "bacterial infection and yeast". Now I'll admit the medicine seemed to help his poop return to how it should look, but he is straining so much to use the bathroom. I tried pumpkin and low fat yogurt. The pumpkin helped for 2 days and I thought I could wean him off of it to see if he was still going normally. He's not. He runs on his wheel, but he just holds his poop in and can't seem to let it out. Also when he pees he seems to be struggling. He breathes funny and stands on his tip toes like it pains him. I'm very worried because his medicine is almost out and I think the problem may just be getting worse. He has a bone growth that I'm assuming is cancer because the vet also found other masses in his abdomen. I don't think this is a blockage issue and he seems normal other than straining. I don't want to go to the worst case scenario immediately. If anyone has any experience with their quillbabies like this, then please help me understand.
Thanks everyone.
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