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my new hedgie, cooper

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hi everyone! this is my first pet hedgehog and i absolutely adore him. i got him only 2 days ago so im still learning something new everday; and i just have to say this forum has helped out a lot. im still a bit concerned because he hasnt been eating his food and its the same food the previous owner fed him. i know hes been drinking and running on his wheel so that gives me a bit of ease. does anyone recommend a doctor in the houston, tx area so i can make sure hes all healthy and happy? thanks everyone! =)


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Hedgieonboard said:
Congratulations!!! Copper is so cute and looks so comfortable all snuggled up sleeping :) There was a Houston Vet Clinic listed here and Ive attached the link for you http://hedgehogcentral.com/vettx.shtml You'll want to make sure to call around ahead of time and talk with them and ask questions so that everything is set up in case of emergency.
thanks a lot! =)
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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