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My hedgy's eye is bulgy and bleeding :( PLEASE HELP!

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Good Day, my little spike milim have eye infection and I badly need to treat her but I dont know how. (Sadly all exotic vets here are far and all fully booked for this week :( ) Please help me, based on her current state she scratched her eye and it is bulgy and bleeding. Now it is getting bigger and teary. I need your replies and with the same experience please let me know :( Thank you so much. I will attach some pictures later (I am still at work) sigh*
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So from what I have rewad the infection will not go away on its own and you need antibiotics for the infection. If you go to pet smart or something like that you can buy antibiotics for fish and use it with your hog. I got Doxysclin there and used it for pinkys ear infection and it has worked great! sprinkle it in his food for 5 days in a row. also use eye drops like saline one.
You need antibiotics, my other hedgie had this and it was an infection. Vet told me that if I hadn’t taken her sooner it could’ve been lethal.
How is spike doing?
Spike looks to be doing better but have you gotten antibiotics?
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