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My hedgehog's colors

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I want your advice

Sonic, 2 years old

Amy,1 year old

Rydia, 1 year old

Silver, 1 year old

Mocha 2 years old

Shiva 1 year old

Eiko 1 year old

Zidane 3 years old

Kain 5 month
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After conferring with Bryan here is what you have.
Sonic - White-Bellied Chocolate EDITED : He is Algerian Chocolate
Amy - Algerian Cinnamon (A rare color)
Rydia - Albino
Silver - Algerian Chocolate Snowflake (possible Pinto)
Mocha - Algerian Brown
Shiva - Algerian Grey Snowflake (possible Pinto)
Eiko - Algerian Brown Snowflake
Zidane - Algerian Chocolate
Kain - Algerian Chocolate
I was questioning whether Sonic was White - Bellied or Algerian. He is definitely Algerian. Determining a hedgehogs color with only one photograph is difficult.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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