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my hedgehog screams

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I am a somewhat new hedgehog owner, I have had mine for just over a year. He is around a year and half years old and is getting real big. At first we had him in a 29 gallon aquarium with a mesh lid. Now he is the size of a small cat so we moved him into a dog kennel type thing and moved his house into it and food dishes etc last Monday. He liked it and everything but around 3 AM he woke us up screaming. I realized I forgot to put his blanket (an old t-shirt) in his cage, I put the blanket in the cage he calmed down curled up and went to sleep and was fine the next day and wasn't hurt or anything and was all playful. He didn't scream all week or anything was his normal happy playful self ( which is wonderful since he was abused before I got him a year ago.. he has come a long way) Anyways last night or early this morning he wakes us up screaming again. I am not sure why he seemed fine I opened the gate and he came right too me and wanted to play and stuff, the only thing I noticed is that he drank all of his water. I was wondering do hedgehogs do this screaming when they are spoiled and want things or could it be that I have field mice or something that is making him angry, I live in the middle of no where. Anyways I love my little hedgehog and he is one of the best pets I have had. He is pretty obedient and knows his name etc. I just don't like him waking us up screaming, we have a newborn baby in the house that we just got sleeping through the night and he wakes her up when he screams. Please give me some advice guys :):)

God Bless,

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He really doesnt look all that big. I was expecting this huge creature of some sort. :?
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