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hi i have an Egyptian long eared hedgehog, i know this forum is primarily african pygmy's but they arn't too different. so i got alfie when he was 4 months old he is now nearly 1. prior to about a week ago he had only biten me once and that was his first bath which he was understandably stressed about (he hates baths). i handle him every single night apart from the odd occasion im not at home and he normally huffs at me a lttle bit at first when i take him out but is mostly fine with being handled and crawls around me and naps beside or on me. last week i was picking up as normal and he just latched onto me hard and didnt let go for a few seconds! i didnt put him back in his cage right away as not to reward him. today i had him out and the same thing again except this time he wouldnt let go for longer and broke skin! it has made me nervous to handle him now:( please could someone give me some advice or tell me why he could have started this behavior all of a sudden. thanks.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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