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My hedgehog isn't using her wheel!!

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I'm getting kind of worried about her amount of exercise. She wakes up around 2AM and I put her in a partitioned off portion of my room that is hedgie-proof but she seems more content to run around, while ignoring her wheel completely. Is there something wrong with her? I'm fairly certain she isn't getting the normal 4 miles of running a night. THanks in advance for any help!
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She just might not realize what the wheel is for. You might try putting her on the wheel, then put your hand against it to block her from getting off. She may try taking a few steps and figure it out. If she likes mealworms, you could also bribe her with one to try taking a few steps forward to show her, too.
Plus, if she's doing more running around on the floor, she might just think it's more interesting to explore the portion of the room she's in, rather than run on her wheel.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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