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My hedgehog isn’t pooping!!

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I’ve had my hedgehog for almost a year now, he was 7 months when I got him last November. He has always pooped everywhere, on his wheel, in his litter box, on the floor, and on me when I hold him. We just moved into my new apartment one week ago, and I’ve noticed only a few poops in his litter box, and none in his wheel even though I still hear him running at night. What is going wrong, and what should I do before seeing a vet?
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No need to see a vet!! He is probably just stressed and getting used to the new environment.
I would monitor him carefully, he is probably just stressed or unsure of his new environment. If you are worried, you can give him some pumpkin, this helps with constipation and diarrhea. I've used it if my hedgie just seems a little under the weather and it seems to work well. You can also try a warm bath, a bit gross, but this can encourage them to poop as well.
Try giving him a warm bath, they will usually go taking one. Also I've read pumpkin baby food work, if he'll eat it.
Opps, sorry I missed that someone already suggested the bath. Good luck with him.
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