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Hi so I need like a answer, my hedgehog hasn’t eaten his hedgie pellets with nutrients and vitamins as well with high protein as the bag says, the brand is Vita Prima hedgehog food, usually I give him cat food with it. I went out of town recently about Sunday afternoon til about Tuesday evening and for Sunday he had some cat food and such I brought the bag of hedgehog pellets and he seems to not want to eat them about two days he hasn’t eaten the pellets alone, he’s eaten small parts of cooked meat but not the pellets. I’ve seen a few posts saying depending on how long a bag is open it may be stale, I don’t know if they are stale and I may have to buy a new bag or if something is wrong I highly doubt something is wrong but he’s never not eaten the pellets so this is unusual to me. An answer would be nice please!
ps: I’ve tried giving him a wheel to exercise on but he doesn’t like it so for exercise he goes outside and runs around or climbs his cage so I know he gets exercise I do have a feeling the food may be stale tho. Sorry for ranting about this-

UPDATE: He is eating right now, I think I may have to get a new bag though it’s been open for a while

Update 2: he only ate a few pellets and is now sleeping again. I may have to buy a new bag completely I’ll see if that works
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