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May 26th, 2022
Pebbles didn't come from a good home. Her cage was too small, she only had heating in the winter, her wheel was barely cleaned, and she was rarely held-if at all.
She was so scared and upset the first day I held her, but I kept going, no matter how prickly she was or how much she hissed and popped. I'm so glad I did.
From her two successful escape attempts and one failed one (all three times because her wheel wasn't in her cage!), to the sass of her picking out the food she didn't like from her bowl and throwing it on the floor, to her using her reflection in a plastic tub to avoid having her nails trimmed, she was the best (and grumpiest) hedgie. I loved her so much.
She always loved to explore, and being outside was the happiest I'd ever seen her. She loved running around, sniffing all the new smells, digging and foraging just because she could and then annointing with grass and covering herself in it. She was so happy. I'm glad I got to take her outside one last time. Even if all she wanted to do was sit with me and sleep, I'm glad she got to be outside again.
Pebbles's favourite place to sleep was wedged between my arm and my side, right in the crook of my elbow. Whenever she was scared or just wanted to be held, she would run for her hiding spot and would immediately relax upon wedging herself in as much as she could. All of her quills would lie flat almost immediately, and she would settle in and get comfy. She knew she was safe. She knew she was loved.
After the vet had sedated her and it began to take hold, Pebbles went for her hiding spot one last time. I hope I made her feel safe and comfortable and in her last moments. I hope she knew how much I loved her, more than I could ever tell her in words.
I hope you're having fun exploring all the new places, my sweet girl. I'll see you again sometime soon. Love you forever and always.

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