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my baby is dying

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Dear memmbers of HHC,
My hedgie and I live in NYC for three years already and my lovely pet never attemped to hibernate despite the cold weather. However, three weeks ago, something scary started happening.
My family noiced that my hedgie stopped drinking, eating and running on her wheel. She is veeery warm to the touch. She lives next to the radiator, so it's warm in her cage. She also lives next to a window, so I never bothered to actually buy the lights since it's very bright during the day, and for the night, I move the cage to the bathroom, where it is super dark.
Now, I am force feeding her with baby food from a syringe and make her drink a lot as well; however, she is not getting better. She lost a ton of weight, she is very wobbly when she walks and sometimes she even falls on her side.
I don't think she is in pain because she is still very friendly.... but something has to be done since I can't let her die :((((
You are my last hope, guys. The two vets I went to just stated that there is nothing to be done and the best option for me is to put her down. I'm refusing.
Thank you so much for your help!!!!!!

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