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I move a lot too during school, so once your hedgie gets used to it, she should be fine. Mine has been.

As for the noise, I'm not too sure either. However, I do suggest keeping an eye on her temperament and her food/water intake, as well as her activity level(in other words...how dirty is her wheel :lol: )
What time does your sister's band practice? I'd just worry that if they practice during the day, the noise might keep your girl from sleeping. And if it's during the night, I'd worry about the noise keeping her from coming out(although I'm sure she'd get used to it relatively quickly enough if it's during the night. My boy has gotten used to me talking on voice, almost right beside his cage, and he'll still come right out and do his nightly thing. I'd be about 2ft away from his cage, with my lap top on and talking on voice, and he still comes out and wheels).

If the practices are during the day, you might want to think about getting a radio to play some very soft quiet music throughout the day. That would help to muffle out random sporadic instrument noises that can come with band practices. I forget who, but if memory serves, there are some here who keep a radio on for their hedgies, just to get them used to "daytime" noises, and at the same time, help muffle random louder ones that are everywhere else. Can just plug it into a timer like you would her daytime light.
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