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more questions...

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Ok, Emmy has now done 1 month of Baytril, two weeks of Biomox. (Ended Sunday) Her eating is great, wheeling is great, poop is no longer green-- everything looks great.Her nose started to look great a few days before she went off the antibiotic, and her eating was much better about a day before she went off. Last night, her nose was a little moist. Not runny and drippy, and it was only the first few minutes I took her out. Her breathing was a little whistley, if that makes sense, just for about few seconds.
Is she still getting over the cold? Or is she not over it? Literally everything else is great.
Maybe I don't remember what a normal nose/ healthy noises sound like.
Anyone have some healthy nose pictures? :D
Anyway, I'm thinking just to observe it tonight and see if it's the same, but I was hoping for some more opinions.
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I do know that hedgies noses are usually a little wet... All of my herd has the wet noses, so unless it is dripping or you notice gunk in that area, I wouldn't be alarmed.

As for the wheezing/whistling noise, I will leave that to those who probably know more than I do about these hogs. :)
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