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Cassandra is a wild European Hedgehog, rescued after a wild fire. She's very chill.
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Hello everyone! Long time no see, I know. I've been busy.

Some of you might remember, I came here about a year ago after my dad and I rescued a hedgie from a fire. Her name is Cassandra, and she is doing fine. She eats regularly, poops regularly, plays, and most importantly loves to cuddle and to sleep on me or my mom. She's extremely cute.
Then, a few months ago, my grandpa rescued another hedgehog - Aristarchus. He's bigger than Cassandra, a bit fatter, not very friendly. He often stays hidden, and doesn't like humans a lot, but if I pick him up he enjoys belly rubs.

Cassandra's enclosure was modified to host two hedgehogs, and this seems to work - they don't get to see each other (Cassandra often tries to bite Aristarchus) but sometimes at night he tries to peek over onto her side of the house. In fact, he once managed to sneak inside and they slept in the same snuggle sack. All fine so far.

Now, my cousin rescued another hedgie from the road. She's a girl, recently born I'd say (no more than a couple of months old, since she looks even smaller than Cassandra was). She quickly opened up and allowed my mom and me to pet her, but she's still shy. She had some ticks, which we removed, and while doing so we noticed two more problems:
  • She breathes a bit heavily (not very loudly, just a bit more than the usual) and sometimes she emits an acute, squeaky sound
  • She seems to have been hurt. There is no bleeding, but I noticed something looking like a scratch under her front legs; I tried to get a closer look but she gets scared and balls up. However, it seems like it already healed.
As some of you may recall, I don't have access to a veterinary here, so my choices were fundamentally two: take her in, or let her go into the nature. I chose to keep her, because the roads here are dangerous, and we have a problem with pyromaniacs setting the bush on fire.
So I let her roam the room for a while and observed that she moves just fine; she seems not to want food or water at this moment, but Cassandra and Aristarchus did the same when I got them so I think she's just a little scared and nothing else.
As soon as she feels a bit better around me, I plan on checking those wounds of hers, and giving her a bath.

In short: I went from no hedgehogs ever to three hedgehogs in a year.
Wish me luck.
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