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momo stopped eating

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well i gave momo some mealies lastnight with her meds and she was trying to eat them but they kept falling back out of her mouth and she seemed to give up and not eat them. i didnt count her food as ahe has been eating ok but today it looked as though she hadnt eaten at all.
i think im going to have to take her to be put down tomorrow as i cant have her suffering. i will count her food tonight to be sure but its not looking good. my question is is there any way to feed her with syringe? if so what do i feed her?
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no i need something for today until i can get to the vet tomorrow. i'll try hunny later when she is up
i tried everything last night. i put her usualy food in a blender with chicken and mealies so it was just mush. i had tried scrambled egg the night before. i tried mealies and even honey but nothing she didnt eat at all so today i had to take the decision to get her put to sleep. the poor vet seemed as upset as me as she was turning into a bit of a celebraty there (they even have a pic of her in reception). so we have given her a little funeral in the garden under all the snow. i miss her so much already but i know it was for the best. RIP my beautiful baby x
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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