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modifying a ferret nation

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I have a new hedgie baby coming in a few weeks. Could I use a ferret nation cage and cover the wire floors with liners? Or is there another way to make it have a flat bottom so it is suitable for a hedgie?
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Yes, there are now several people on the forum using FNs with good examples of altering it to make it safe.

Did your FN not come with the pans? Like LM said you will need to put down a sheet of coroplast to make it solid, and you can put the liner on top of that. :) If you decide to use a shelf, the ramp needs to be a tube or completely enclosed, and the shelf needs to have a wall to prevent hedgie from falling as well. A search in this forum would bring back lots of posts on people doing this recently. :)
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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