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Mmmm..... Worms.

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Hello there! I'm super new to this hobby but have done lots of research on the care of hedgies, but I could not find an answer to this question:

Is it ok to feed a hedgehog CLEAN (like washed and milked so there's no dirt) earthworms as a treat? We have a killer of a compost at home (The equivelant of a pet for my Dad) and he got all excited when I told him hedgehogs were insectivores.
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PJM said:
I have no idea what the nutritional value would be for the worms.
I didn't know what Red Wiggler was, so I had to Google it. :lol:

If THIS is what you're referring to and if the nutritional analysis listed there is reliable, Red Wigglers contain:

  • Moisture 84.8%
    Protein 10:5%
    Fat 2.0%
    Ash 0.7%
    Other 2.0%
My concern is Protein 10.5% at 84.8% Moisture is 69.0% by Dry Matter Basis (DMB), which is the only reliable way to compare nutrients in different types of foods [click HERE for the info on DMB].

Considering that typical high-quality low-fat dry cat foods recommended for hedgehogs contain about 28 to 32% crude protein at 10% moisture, which translates to protein 31 - 35% DMB, 69.0% DMB is way too high. (Btw, 2% fat at 84.8% moisture translates to fat 13.15% DMB, so it's not bad at all!)

Although there is no scientific proof presented, too much protein is generally considered to be very bad for hedgehogs (excessively rich foods cause stomach upset and often lead to kidney issues).

If you decide to feed Red Wigglers to your hedgie, I highly recommend you treat them as a very special treat which your hedgie gets only once in a blue moon. :)
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