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I brought home my new baby about 3-4 days ago, and tonight i noticed him itching. when i was handling him he seemed fine, but when i put him in his cage i noticed he used his leg to itch his back a few times and i heard him get out and about for the night and he itched for a solid minute. (he was on his wheel i think because i heard the wheel moving, but he didn’t go very fast or he was just going under it. so far i haven’t heard him run on his wheel but i know does at some point because when i wake up in the morning it’s always covered in poo.) he’s about 7 weeks old, so i’m wondering if it’s quilling? i’ve had a hedgehog in the past but i got him when he was already over a year old so i didn’t have to worry about quilling. Now with this baby i think i’m over thinking it lol. he doesn’t seem to itch constantly so that makes me wonder if i could rule out mites, i want to say i could because i really don’t know where he could have gotten them. when i picked him up from the breeder he was on a fabric bedding, and i’ve had him on fleece as well. he was being housed with his siblings though. i’m going to give him an oatmeal bath in the next few days to see if it’s maybe just dry skin, or if it is quilling i think i’ve heard it helps. I haven’t noticed any quill shed so i think it could just be the starts of it, hopefully not mites. i read another forum on here where someone said that it’s possible for them to come home from the breeders with mites but they don’t act until the hog has a weakened immune system (the stress from the move). so now i’m worried it could be that.

he also was just out a bit ago eating and drinking. i got him out and he climbed around me a bit, i put him back and cleaned his wheel so he hid. i went to bed and turned all the lights off, he came back out and ate the rest of his food, itched and did a bit with his wheel (didn’t run), did something else around his cage and now i don’t hear any noise from him. it’s 1am so he should be active right? am i just over thinking it too much? i will check in the morning to see if there’s fresh poop on his wheel. maybe he’s just not as active or maybe he’s just getting used to things still so that’s why? i will check his wheel in the morning, maybe he just knows i’m awake still and is being stubborn lol.
let me know what you guys think. i really hope he doesn’t have mites. idk if i even have enough reasoning to rule it out or in. he could have just had an itch he really wanted to get.
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