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So just some background on my hedgie before I go into his symptoms. He'll be 2 in December, is pinto in color, has always had dry skin, and is eating/drinking/running on his wheel normally.

About 2 months ago I took him took him to the vet because I noticed that a bunch of his quills had yellow goop/pus(not dried up) around the base of a bunch of his white quills and even more dandruff on his skin, and was losing quills. He was also freaking out anytime I touched him (he normally is pretty docile). Unfortunately the vet didn't feel comfortable doing a skin scraping (he was huffing at her but I could have gotten him to calm down) but she prescribed him revolution (3 rounds spaced 2 weeks apart). He seemed much better after the treatments were done so I thought everything was fine (especially since I switched him from carefresh to fleece liners). Cut to tonight. I gave him a foot bath and afterwards I was looking at him and I noticed that the yellow buildup was back on some of his white quills (but it was much smaller and dried up this time) and there were tiny white balls (super tiny) on his skin. About 5 of his quills fell out during this time, all with the ball attached (is that normal for an adult hedgie to be losing quills? if so how many is normal?). And a few of his quills (where his quills and skinare black/brown) have white (not goop seems to be under the skin) at the base of them. Could this be leftover from whatever was going on with him before or is this something else? Would the temperature being at 78 in his cage sometimes be causing his skin to dry out even more? Should I try a humidifier and see if that helps? Or could this be something more serious? Any advice at all would be fantastic!
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