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I believe there's a theory or something that mites are always on the hedgehog, but may just be dormant for the most part, unless something happens to cause them to start breeding and becoming an issue. They can get mites from wooden bedding and that's one way they become a problem. They can also come up after something that lowers the hedgehog's immune system, such as a hibernation attempt.
I'm actually going through this with Lily right now. She had mites this time last year, because she was on pine pellets (same bedding used by her breeder). We used Revolution on her, and she seemed to clear up fine. However, this past September, she had a hibernation attempt, and a month or so later, she started losing a lot of quills. She continued to lose at least 5-10 quills a night from then until now, and I took into the vet on Thursday. The vet thought it was most likely to be mites again, so we're treating with her for 3-4 months with Revolution (one dose a month). I think that the hibernation attempt lowered her immune system and caused dormant mites on her to take hold again.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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