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missing my best fella

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For those who sent me so many nice emails over the past year inquiring about Max, I took him to the vets and he crossed over the rainbow bridge on Nov. 13th. I just didn't feel like talking about it, I had only emailed Donna Sue at HWS the necropsy report. Max was a loving
relinquishment that had found its way to Camp Aunt Joy's forever home for wayward hedgehogs last July 2007, a month before his fourth birthday in August. He lived to 5 years, 3 months. He was the absolute best, most playful and interactive hedgehog of the five I've had. He was like a kitten in a hedgehogs body. The vet staff sent me a wonderful card where they all wrote something. He came to me with many illnesses and we restored him and I helped improve his quality of life for over a year and spoiled him to the 'max'. This photo was taken a week before while he still had the ability to creep about. He charmed everyone who met him and amply earned his title - Colonel Maxfield, gentleman hedgehog.


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awh, i'm so sorry to hear about him
reading these memorials always makes me cry as if i lost one of mine
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