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Hi everyone!
I had such a stressful night because I think Miss Muffet was trying to hibernate. :(
John asked me before we left in the morning to shut her bedroom door but I completely forgot about it. Well, I didn't realize that he asked me to do it because he'd opened the hallway window a tiny bit outside her room (about 20 feet or so from her cage). Well last night when he went to get her up for play time he came and told me she was in a ball and wouldn't come out. She didn't do her normal pop and hiss that she does when we wake her up~ she was silent! :( I ran up to check and her temp was a little above 71 degrees F. I guess she had gotten a little breeze from the cracked window. Ugh I feel terrible!! I can't believe I did this to my baby! I took her right away and put her under a heat lamp and got the room heater and put that on her too. She was moving but still in a ball. So then I put her under my sweatshirt for a bit and when that wouldn't work (it was getting lat at this point) I brought her into bed with me and had her on my belly covered with a snuggle bag, and my big comforter. Then I moved her to my side and sort of spooned her with my body (lol spooning a hedgie!). I was so tired that I fell asleep with my arms around her like that and John came up a few minutes later asking where she was and she was gone~gone!! OMG! Apparently she decided that she wanted to move under daddy's sweatshirt a foot away but it completely freaked me out~ I thought I lost her on top of everything else! I never got her to come completely out of her ball but she almost did a few times. It probably sounds mean but I kept poking her quills trying to annoy her and it actually worked because she kept moving.

She eventually came out but was still pretty sluggish except when John said she darted across the cage towards her wheel. We made sure her cage was really warm last night before putting her back and this morning she seems okay. I've never been happier to hear her hiss and pop at me!! I know we are not out of the clear at all yet but I'm just worried because we both had to work this morning again so no one is home with her. Her temp is around 76-77.7 degrees F and no windows are open so there's no draft. I didn't want to bump the temp up too high (make her too warm) while I'm not home to supervise but I think I'll put in a heat pad tonight. Should I keep one in there for a while? Should I try to give her any Pedialyte or anything special to help her? Should I try the chamomile tea? I'm trying to see if I can run home on my lunch break to check on her! Sorry for the million questions! I must have looked through every hibernation post last night and now I'm even more scared and I'm going cross-eyed!
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