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Miss Kitty update

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Today Miss Kitty was at the vets. She was seen inbetween appointments because of the vets being short staffed this whole week. It figures when something comes up it is either after hours, holidays, weekend or no openings at the clinic.

We took Miss Kitty into our rescue at the end of Oct 2008. She is 5 years old plus. We have no real background info on her. Nancy was the one that alerted us to Miss Kitty needing a good home. Thanks Nancy and Miss Kitty says thanks.

First the good news: her blood glucose was 88 today. Right in the middle of the normal range.

The bad news: Miss Kitty has a mass on her left side of her thyroid gland. This is starting to put pressure on the left side of her face causing her left eye to bulge. The mass can not be safely removed. She also has the onset of kidney failure. With her age and everything we are just going to keep her comfortable until it is time to say goodbye.

She is active, alert and does not appear to be uncomfortable at this time. I attached a couple recent pictures of Miss Kitty.

Cyndy[attachment=0:3obecdgz]Miss Kitty smiling 2.JPG[/attachment:3obecdgz][attachment=1:3obecdgz]Surprise I am not sleeping.JPG[/attachment:3obecdgz]


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I am so sorry about the devestating news. But how wonderful that Mis s Kitty has you to spoil her and love her until you know it is time to help her move onto her new world. Both you and that adorable little one will be in my prayers
She is such a doll. I'm so glad you took her in to live in spoiled luxury. I only wish she could have longer with you. Hugs to you all.
Poor Miss Kitty! I am glad she is with you, being spoiled.

I'm sorry to hear about Miss Kitty. I'm sure she's enjoying the rest of her time being spoiled by you.
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