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Kitty came to live with us on October 20, 2008 at almost 5 years of age. She was use to sleeping in Yesterday's News with a blue fleece blanket. We were not sure how she would adjust to our condo system and not sleeping in bedding. We gave her a choice of a hedgie sack, hedgie hat and pigloo. She chose the hedgie sack right from the start and peeked out at us with a like is this for me look on her face? She settled in very quickly and became best friends with all our girlz.

We added to her name calling her Miss Kitty Katherine and KitKat for short. Her birth date was not given to us but from what information we had we along with the help of friends on PCC came up with the birthday 1/1/2004. She always greeted us with a smile. She had an adventurous spirit about her and loved trying new things like the critter ball. She always tried to keep up with Run Run Snuggas. Snuggas would come back and check on her to see how she was doing. When she was in the play area with Cuddles she watch everything Cuddles did especially using the wheel. The first time Kitty actually made it up the ramp into the wheel she turned and had a huge smile on her face. Her look was look what I did everyone. Cuddles was even excited for her.

Princess seemed to act like Miss Kitty was a mother figure and wanted to be near her when they were out together.

Miss Kitty developed health issues that were not curable and her quality of life was declining. We made a decision to help her cross before she would start suffering.

Miss Kitty Katherine AKA KitKat your cute smiling face will be missed. Your time with us was way too short and we enjoyed every minute.

Hugs and Kisses little one run and be happy

Popperz, Mom, Snuggles and Princess Chloe
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