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Hello everyone!
I've recently taken in a female hedgehog who was given up to a grooming/boarding center that a friend of mine works at. I'm hoping to find her a new forever home with either an experienced hedgehog owner or someone who has at minimum done a lot of research and knows what to expect when it comes to hedgehog behavior and care. If you are interested, please read on! I'll share everything I know about her so far.

Reason for Surrender: I was told she was given up because the owners didn't have the time and attention to devote to her that she needs. I was told the person who surrendered her alluded to her belonging to their daughter, who may have moved out and left her behind. From what I can tell, behavioral reasons were likely not a factor because she is SO sweet! It seems like whoever owned her certainly cared very much at one time; she is very well socialized and they certainly did their research based on all the supplies she came with. They made her a custom habitat 4 sq ft habitat with solid bottom, bought her a carolina storm wheel, made fleece liners, purchased many cute little blankets and snuggle bags, the whole deal.

Behavior: As far as hedgehogs go, I would say she is very well socialized and friendly. She's opened up very quickly in the week she's been here. On her first night with me she did not eat or wheel, but by the third night she was eating normally and wheeling away. She allows me to pick her up with my bare hands (though I waited to try this until she was eating and wheeling and thus seemed more comfortable) and does not ball up whatsoever. She seems very content to be on my lap as long as she is in her bed or snuggle bag, but will often poke her nose out to say hello. If I'm laying down and have her sitting on me under a blanket, she'll eventually splat and make herself comfortable. She's very interested in smelling my fingers/hands, and given the chance will definitely nip them, but based on my experience with hedgehog ownership I think she's trying to anoint herself with my smell rather than actually "bite" (I would let her if those chompers weren't like cute little razor blades! :grin: ) She does not seem bothered at all by my cat or my dog, aside from a predictable ruffle of the quills if they decide to come in for a close sniff. However, I have been keeping her in her own room to prevent my cat staring her down all night.

Age/Health: Unknown adult, I would say at least 2-3 based on the degree of wear on her wheel and my experience owning the same kind of wheel. If she is still living here in a few weeks I'm planning to take her to the vet for a checkup (need to save some funds first!:)) and will update this post.
Her skin does seem a bit dry to me however, and I think she may be a bit overweight. I've only once tried to put her on her back to see whether she isn't too plump to curl into a ball (she was either unable or just really not a fan of being in that position so I did not push the issue).

Supplies: Carolina storm wheel (still works well but the screws on back are quite rusted), custom built 4 sq ft habitat with solid bottom and open top, set of 2 fleece liners (I'm currently making more for her which I'm happy to have go along with her), two shallow dishes, snuggle bag, cute giraffe-themed bed, dry food storage container, some extra small blankets for hiding, baby shampoo.
She also came with some puppy pads; I think the previous O was using these in conjunction with the fleece bedding for ease of cleanup. She doesn't rip them up or dig under them so I have been cutting them in half and placing them under her wheel to help catch "run-off" ;)

Food/Diet: The dry food she came with is in an unlabeled container, so unfortunately I have no idea what she is eating. I'm planning to switch her to something I can identify and will update the post when I do. She's nuts about mealworms and so far we've found that she likes carrots too! Planning to try more fruits and veggies to see what else she might like.

Why I (sadly) cannot be her permanent home: I can say honestly that I would love to take this hedgehog in permanently if I could. She is incredibly sweet and I feel honored that she's warmed up to me so quickly. I am in a good place to give her the time and attention she needs right now, but I will be starting veterinary school in late August and worry that she will not get the socialization time she deserves at that point. I also have a dog and very medically needy cat what would inevitably get prioritized over her when my free time becomes much more limited; and I don't think she deserves to be a low priority especially after she's already been given up once for that reason.

If you are interested in adopting her or know anyone who might be, please let me know! I'll do my best to check back on this post frequently, at least every 2-3 days. So far this is the only place that I've posted about her. I wanted to come here first because I know there are a lot of great and knowledgeable people on here.

P.S. It's been a good four years since I've cared for a hedgehog, and I know some things may have changed since then! If you see any red flags in what I've written about how I'm caring for her in the posting above, please don't hesitate to let me know. I want to ensure I'm doing what's best for her as long as she's in my care. :)


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Ahhh I wish I could...I live in the area but sadly I don’t have time for another hedgie...but there is a really good rescue called “pocket pet rescue” around that area...they go as far as doing home visits to make sure a home is ok for an animal....so if u couldn’t find anyone else that rescue is always an option....and they won’t give him out to just any random person so u will know he is going to a good home
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