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metal wheel

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Would it be okay If I had my boyfriend make a metal wheel for my hedgehog? it would be made of steel, and there would be NO sharp edges(and I would line the edge of the wheel with fleece just in case). would this be okay, or would it be too cold on little hedgie feet? or too heavy?
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I have a couple of metal wheels. As long as the whole cage environment is warm enough the wheel will be ok. Just make really sure there are no sharp edges and that it has a good coat of pain on it to keep it from rusting. The surface needs to be solid and I wouldn't recommend lining it with fleece. There is too much risk of a nail getting caught in the fleece while running. :)
Your boyfriend should be able to make all edges so they aren't sharp. The metal wheels I have the edges are rounded. The metal surface is not that slippery, certainly no different than a bucket wheel.

I wouldn't use duct tape. If it loosens anywhere it could get caught on a foot. Just file the edges so they are rounded and give it a good coat of paint.

Actually I just had a thought. What thickness of metal is he using? The ones you buy are thick enough to round the edges but alot of metal isn't. One of my wheels has an edge that the metal is folded over.
Yep, that's what I'm saying. If the edge is folded over it is perfectly safe. I will try and get a picture tomorrow to show what I mean. Anyone that does metal working and has the equipment will be able to fold the edge over.

I have no clue what thicknesses the metal would be.
Here's some pictures.

I got this and a few other metal wheels from a rescue that was downsizing. The wheels are quite rusty and I have them sanded to repaint which is why the paint is so rough looking. I'm also going to be painting them white or a pastel colour to show up the poop colour better.

You can see on the first two photos where the metal has been folded tight against itself. The third photo which is blurry shows the cross bar which has the same folded metal. This particular wheel is huge and I think is 13 inch diameter. My Lexie is getting it as she is a big gal.
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Forgot to mention. 5-6" is good. If you can go 6". 11" plus diameter is great. Paint with a light coloured paint to show off coloured poop.
Yes, cross bars can be dangerous and I don't use them with just anyone. The hedgehogs that use these wheels came to me as rehomes and used this type of wheel in their former homes. I wouldn't buy or make a wheel with a crossbar.
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