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Melchoir and my new living arrangement.

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I've had Melchoir for a few months now - he's a very grumpy Hedgie, always balls up when I pick him up, and bites on occasion!

I've started feeding him a Cat food from the suggested list on this site, and it seems like he's gotten more and more grumpy since then! His poops look fine, though, and it's not too unusual and drastic, so I imagine he's just being a grump. :)

Anyway - I'm posting because my beau and I of nearly two years are moving in together in July. He has a cat that he'll be bringing with him, and I'm trying to figure out the best arrangement here.

I know Hedgies don't get along with other animals, so I'll probably put him in one room and keep the door closed - but is there anything else you guys can suggest to make this transition not so awful?

Is there anything specific about HedgeHogs and Cats living together I should know?

Thanks guys! :)
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Unless the cat is an avid mouser/hunter, or extremely curious, it seems likely that it'll just ignore the hedgehog. My cat has been poked on the nose twice and has since given Lily a wide berth when she sees her out. I don't think there'd be a problem with having the cat around the cage, but you'll need to make sure the cage has a top on it so the cat can't jump in, and if you use a ceramic heat emitter to keep the cage warm, you'd need to make sure it was securely attached so the cat couldn't knock it over.
As long as you could do those two things, I don't think you would absolutely have to keep the hedgehog in a room closed to the cat, as long as the cat wasn't outright aggressive towards him.
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