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I live in the middle of nowhere and we often get animal drop-offs in the area. I'm outside a few days ago and hear a cat shrieking like something is really wrong. I thought it was a newborn kitten in trouble so I rush out into the woods to find out what's going on. Instead of finding a tiny newborn, I find a 9-10 week old kitten who is in possession of quite a set of lungs. The little fellow came right up to me when I called him, purring and rubbing on my ankles. No injuries or trauma, just hungry. And with that, I welcomed the newest member to the family. We all think he's adorable, and he's such a sweetheart. I can't imagine why anyone would just drop him off and leave him like that. But anyway, because of it he gets to be thoroughly spoiled in his new home--and believe me, he's getting spoiled big time!
I thought I'd share some pictures with everyone. :)

I LOVE his side markings. The swirls are just gorgeous. I think he'll grow into a beautiful (BIG) cat.

His name is Connor, and he's captured everyone's hearts here in just the past three days. He's definitely got a permanent home now. :)
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