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Meat treats

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Being that I've had my hedige for a month now and she isn't exactly used to me per se I wanted to try and bribe her with treats. She doesn't seem to take to carrots anymore like she used to so I was wondering what's out there for her. She doesn't seem to like vegetables or fruits at all so I was wondering what type of meats she might could eat. I heard mealies are good, but is there anything else?
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Insects like mealworms, crickets, waxworms, etc are all great treats. Make sure they were raised for pet consumption and not wild or raised for bait.

Boiled, unseasoned chicken is popular, same with turkey. I give Inky ground beef (sparingly) because he likes it. Scrambled eggs have also been popular. Fish like tuna or salmon are commonly fed also. :) Make sure whatever you offer isn't salted/seasoned.
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