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i used one of my shirts to cuddle Crowley in to help her bond to me :) i also took her with me almost everywhere in the house during cuddle times as long as what i was doing didn't need both hands to do so that i wouldn't have to break contact.

as for biting, i would hold her in a towel or blanket while she bites that way she gets cloth instead of skin :p

you could also try wearing some gloves for a little while, while aslo doing the t-shirt thing. that way she gets use to your scent without the soap smell or assess to your fingers until she feels safer being out.

and play pen- id put heavy things she can't move around the edge of her fleece so she can't get under it, but make sure you have plenty of tubes and hides that she can explore while feeling like she has somewhere safe to hide.

I put curved pvc pipes in Crowley's pen and took those catbell/ball toys and hid some in the pipes so that she pushes them while she hides, than realizes it makes noise- pushes it around the pen to play :) also cut toilet and paper towel tubes and small plastic cups are a hedgies best friend - put a few of those around the pen and there's no way they could resist coming out and playing with them

I hope some of this helps :)
don't give up hope :) you'll both get there eventually and when you do it will be magical :)
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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