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Gloves are a bad idea. Even with the t-shirt having your smell on it, she won't be able to recognize who is picking her up in the t-shirt. It'll make the t-shirt pointless.

As for biting, always keep cloth between your skin and her mouth. Is she chomping down and holding on? Is she biting because you hand is in her face? Is she licking before she bites? There are many different reason a hedgehog will bite. The goal is to figure out why she biting and try and avoid doing those thing. I get bit sometimes because I put my hand in front of them and they want to go that way. Biting is there way of telling me to move.

Remember, even if she never becomes a "youtube" hedgehog that your hedgehog is not mean. She is defensive and scared but not mean.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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